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An informational site for coin collectors. No ads, sponsors or pleas for support. See the Contact page if you have a short article or tip you would like to contribute.

The Christopher Collection was one year old in April. CC is appreciative of the nice emails received. Coin Cabinet continues to be the most popular page on the site.

NEW See the Coin Riddles page on a recent auction where a $185 common date Lincoln went for over $1,200. See Coin Articles for CAC - is it folly or genius?


A parade of Old Green Holders. The Christopher Collection has a weakness for CAC OGH — especially those with gold stickers.

In the News:

Mints worldwide are going all in with issues commemorating the moon landing. How will sales do?

Complaints continue about the defective 2019-W cents included as a bonus with the 2019 Proof sets. For those who maintain proof sets unopened to obtain a future First Strike designation they risk paying a hefty fee to slab a modern proof far from being a 70 or even a 69.

PCGS is offering $2,000 to the first person to submit each of the five new circulating 2019-W State Park Quarters. This is a great promotion.

1909-S with a hint of "woody" going on.

1909-S with a hint of "woody" going on.


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1911-S with some spots but a CAC sticker nonetheless.

1911-S with some spots but a CAC sticker nonetheless.


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