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NEW See the Coin Riddles page on a recent auction where a $185 common date Lincoln went for over $1,200. See Coin Articles for CAC - is it folly or genius?

Somewhat amazingly over half of site traffic is from visitors outside the U.S. (24% of visitors this year are from the U.K. and Australia alone). Coin Cabinet continues to be the most popular destination.


In the News:

Legislation introduced to produce a 2021-CC Morgan Silver Dollar and a 2021 High Relief Peace Dollar. This is a commemorative program collectors will embrace enthusiastically.

The coin press is happily reporting that people are searching their change again to pick up a national park state quarter with the elusive W mint mark. What about you - are you looking at your change differently now?

A 1938-S Mercury Dime (MS68+ FB CAC pop 1/-) exceeds its estimate of $10,000 to $12,500 at the Legend Auction in Las Vegas by more than $350,000—selling for an amazing $364,250!

A parade of Old Green Holders. The Christopher Collection has a weakness for CAC OGH — especially those with gold stickers.

1909-S with a hint of "woody" going on.

1909-S with a hint of "woody" going on.


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1911-S with some spots but a CAC sticker nonetheless.

1911-S with some spots but a CAC sticker nonetheless.


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