SITE SUMMARY - Controversy ahead?

This site strives for a friendly tone with a little humor thrown in. The endless debates on coin forums are of little interest here. This site supports all collectors believing there is no one “right” way to collect and encourages everyone to find their own path. Here is a brief description of the various pages.

  • Coin Riddles has curious items and oddities observed in auctions, grading and pricing.

  • CC Articles has short pieces on the hobby, grading, the role of the internet and so on.

  • Coin Tips has information on everything from coin photos to shipping your coins.

  • Recommended highlights some of the numismatic personalities the Christopher Collection follows.

  • Coin Cabinet shows recent additions to the Christopher Collection.

Collectors fall into different camps. The Christopher Collection doesn't want anyone to be unhappy so fair warning on what you will find here.

  • If you think slabbing coins is folly, the coin market is rigged and the internet destroyed the hobby this site probably isn’t for you.

  • The Christopher Collection (“CC”) has PCGS slabbed coins only. I have nothing against NGC but there are simply more of the coins I choose to collect available in PCGS holders. If I collected sovereigns or pandas I would be a NGC guy.

  • I am a registry set collector so seek top grades when I can afford to.

  • I don’t buy coins off eBay for more reasons than I have space for here.

  • Many collectors are openly hostile to CAC stickered coins. CC has many CAC stickered coins.

  • CC doesn't include error coins although Mrs. CC wants a three-legged Buffalo nickel one day.

Enjoy the site.