8.18.19 Really, the CC is still interested in buying coins but auctions have been bare of coins needed recently. Prices always low in summer so I can understand why. Thinking strongly of putting some of my more generic common date gold coins up for auction with gold over $1,500 an ounce.

My bids for two none finer CAC Lincolns in auction were blown out of the water with both coins comfortably exceeding both the PCGS price guide and recent auctions (see some that got away section below). If you think all coins in a grade are the same follow the results here to see why that is simply not true.

Captured seven very nice CAC Lincolns needed for the registry set at auction in June (all are posted below). These purchases have jumped the CC six spots in the Lincoln registry. It has been a lean year with the CC repeatedly being bumped down the list. It takes a lot of time and money simply to maintain a registry ranking, at least in the competitive Lincoln series. .

PCGS Registry Rankings for The Christopher Collection

Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958) | One year ago 85 | Last month 77 | This month 78

Texas Half Dollar Set, Circulation Strikes (1934-1938) | Rank 42

Washington Statehood Quarters Basic Set, Silver Proof (1999-2008) | Rank 188

Washington Quarter Commemorative Series, Silver Proof (2009-Present) | Rank 21

*** View the custom coin cabinet that houses The Christopher Collection ***

Some That Got Away

1926-S MS64RD.jpg

1926-S MS64RD

Stack’s Bowers 5.23.19. CC bid $4,400, hammer was $7,200. PCGS price guide was $7,000. With a 20% auction fee that puts the coin at close to $9,000.

1956 37698187 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1956 MS67+RD CAC

GreatCollections 7.28.19. CC bid $4,021, hammer was $4,600. PCGS price guide is $4,000. This was a 3/- none finer coin. Really, given the population and registry set advantage it should have gone for even more.

1929 37698287 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1929 MS67+RD CAC

GreatCollections 7.28.19. CC bid $3,361 and hammer was $4,001. CC dearly wanted the coin. PCGS price guide was $3,850. Winning bid with auction fees was $4,612.50. A 12/- none finer coin.

1937-S Buffalo.jpg

1937-S MS65 CAC(Gold) OGH

GreatCollections 4.28.19. CC bid $181, hammer was $877. PCGS price guide is $45. Yes you read that right, it went for 20x price guide.

Recent Acquisitions

1882-CC 1422109 Obverse MS65 CAC OGH.jpg

1882-CC MS65 CAC OGH

Acquired 6.30.19 GreatCollections. One more for the Gem CAC OGH Morgan set I am slowly building. It seems more Morgan’s are in OGH holders than any other series.

1937-S 25011994 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1937-S MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 6.8.29 Heritage Auctions. Pop 28/- so a one point bonus for this coin. Heritage must be monitoring this site as they finally improved their Lincoln photos.

1909 37907328 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1909 MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 6.19.19 GreatCollections. A top pop coin (14/-). This is a beautiful coin and one CC would not be outbid on.

1935-D 36200119 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1935-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 6.19.19 GreatCollections. Pop is 13/1. I almost did not bid as I did not like the color. Fortunately a TrueView image was available and color was more akin to the 1909 above. TrueView helps sell your coins.

1946-D 25208412 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1946-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 6.10.19 Heritage Auctions. A top pop (15/-) coin. Holder is bright and clear—not sure how Heritage manages to make them look so old and grey in the pictures.

1937-D Oregon 2417332 Obverse MS66 CAC (Gold) OGH.jpg

1937-D MS66 CAC(Gold) OGH

Acquired 6.2.19 GreatCollections. Another CAC Gold OGH (sticker looks blue in the picture but it is indeed gold in life).

1937 Texas 30957286 Obverse MS66 CAC.jpg

1937 Texas MS66 CAC

Acquired 5.19.19 GreatCollections. CC now has 10 of 13 Texans for this registry set - all MS66 CAC. Commemorative’s offer a lot of collecting options at affordable prices. Most go for a few hundred or even less in gem condition with a CAC sticker.

1917 4809475 Obverse Type 1 MS66FH CAC OGH.jpg

1917 Type 1 MS66FH CAC OGH

Acquired 4.14.19 GreatCollections. I have wanted a nice Type 1 Standing Liberty since I was kid. This will be in a 20th Century CAC OGH type set I plan to gradually assemble. Bidding was fierce but as this is a birthday present from Mrs. CC I felt comfortable bidding aggressively. CC can’t see how this wouldn’t get a plus on a reconsideration submission.

1951-S 36518059 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1951-S MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 3.24.19 GreatCollections. Replaces a 67RD CAC. Another top pop CAC for the registry set. CC appreciative that True View images are becoming the norm. CC always send coins off for pictures and a reholder when PCGS runs a special. CC abhors a cracked, scratchy holder.

1944 36320948 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1944 MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 2.24.19 GreatCollections. Replaces a 67RD. This is not a none finer coin so only a half point bump to the registry set.

1943 36608095 Obverse MS68 CAC.jpg

1943 MS68 CAC

Purchased 1.20.19 GreatCollections. Normally I wait to receive (or at least pay) for a coin before posting. My two year hunt for a 1943 MS68 CAC is happily over. A top pop with 54/- PCGS and 8/- in CAC.

1935 Texas 34059552 Obverse MS66 CAC.jpg

1935 MS66 CAC

Purchased 1/13/19 GreatCollections. Continuing my micro set of Texas Commemoratives in MS66 CAC. Have 8 out of 13 now.

1948-D 36856178 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1948-D MS67+RD CAC

Purchased 12/16/18 GreatCollections. Another top pop (8/-) for the registry set. Bidding was fierce.

1943-D 34206150 Obverse MS67FB CAC.jpg

1943-D MS67FB CAC

Purchased 12/10/18 GreatCollections. Sometimes you just have to buy something when you keep losing out on coins you want.

1950-D 36115403 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1950-D MS67+RD CAC

Purchased 12/2/18 from GreatCollections. PCGS has 14 in this grade and “none finer”. This fills a hole in my registry set.

1912-D 35927607 Obverse MS66RD.jpg

1912-D MS66RD

Purchased 10/11/18 Heritage Auctions. Typical unflattering picture from Heritage. A 272 point registry coin. I may send this one to CAC.

1920 35408936 Obverse MS66+RD CAC.jpg

1920 MS66+RD CAC

Acquired David Lawrence 10/07/18. Three early Lincolns acquired in one week, all CAC and Gold Shield. Two coins filled holes and one was a slight upgrade. Another D.L. Hansen coin but not from his top set.

1911 35837434 Obverse MS66+RD CAC.jpg

1911 MS66+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections 9/30/18. Freely admit to overpaying but this one was a must have. Early Lincolns this nice are hard to come by especially without spots and always seem to go for more than the PCGS price guide. No registry bump though.

1887 08408143 Obverse MS65 CAC OGH.jpg

1887 MS65 CAC OGH

Acquired GreatCollections 9/16/18. Continuing to work slowly on a Morgan CAC | OGH collection. This has a very clean cheek for a MS65. It is surprising how many CAC OGH Morgan’s are still out there.

1929-S 35378066 Obverse MS66RD CAC.jpg

1929-S MS66RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections auction 7/22/18. Fills a hole in the set. A solid but not great coin.

1942-S MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections auction 7/1/2018. This is the third 67+ CAC I've owned. I keep finding ones I like better. The first one I made $85 on when I sold but the second I think I overpaid for so expecting a loss. Lesson is only buy what you really love! Note the quality of this image versus the HA image of the 1913-D below.

1913-D 35365927 Obverse MS65+RD CAC.jpg

1913-D MS65+RD CAC

Acquired Heritage Auctions June 14th, 2018. Early Lincolns are very challenging. Even many CAC coins have problems but happy to acquire this one. HA I think has trouble photographing Lincolns - they always look worse than they are. Fortunately a TrueView image was available.

1939-D 35123089 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1939-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections May 13, 2018. Replaces 67RD CAC OGH in The Christopher Collection.

1926 25208158 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1926 MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections April 22, 2018. This replaces an MS66RD CAC. No bump in ranking though even though a none finer coin.

1925 George V Sovereign 84136998 Obverse MS65.jpg

1925 George V Sovereign MS65

Acquired 8.4.19 GreatCollections. I have wanted a sovereign for some time and noticed this one going for less than spot! Many people trade these like bullion but I think it belongs in the world of numismatics.

1951 25360402 Obverse MS67RD CAC.jpg

1951 MS67RD CAC

Acquired 6.8.19 Heritage Auctions. Pop 56/1. It is interesting that you can find hordes of 67+RD Lincolns from the 1930’s but they can be scarce from the 1950’s. That was a period when uncirculated roll collecting was popular so you would think populations would be abundant.

1927 37905642 Obverse MS67RD CAC.jpg

1927 MS67RD CAC

Acquired 6.19.19 GreatCollections. Pop is 55/15. Pre 1930 Lincolns always go for more than later coins with similar population numbers.

1953-D 37901223 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1953-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 6.19.19 GreatCollections. A top pop coin (7/-). With so many registry sets above the CC in the rankings I’m always curious why these top pop coins don’t attract more attention.

1942 9960120 Obverse MS65 CAC(Gold) OGH.jpg

1942 MS65 CAC(Gold) OGH

Acquired 5.26.19 GreatCollections. CC can never resist a gem coin in an OGH with a gold CAC sticker.

1977 2420493 Obverse MS65 CAC OGH.jpg

1977 MS65 CAC OGH

Acquired 5.19.19 GreatCollections. Ike’s don’t win any beauty contests but still garner substantial collector interest. This is for my 20th Century Gem CAC OGH type set.

1937-S Texas 36304939 Obverse MS66 CAC.jpg

1937-S Texas MS66 CAC

Acquired 4.7.19 GreatCollections. CC usually prefers “white” silver coins but this has some appealing toning that doesn’t show well here. CC now has 9 of 13 Texans for this registry set - all MS66 CAC. This is a great example of a doable, affordable registry set. Many of these coins were under $300 and none were over $600.

1879-S 1212515 Obverse MS65 CAC OGH-1.jpg

1879-S MS65 CAC OGH (1st Gen)

Acquired 2.24.19 GreatCollections. Another Morgan for the Gem CAC OGH collection. No CC Morgan registry set started yet and probably never will as there are some coins required that go for over $10k in AU and that is without any in PL and DMPL designations

1949-S 36423269 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1949-S MS67+RD CAC

Acquired 2.24.19 GreatCollections. Replaces another 67+RD CAC as this one whispered “buy me”.

1952-D 36886594 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1952-D MS67+RD CAC

Purchased 12.16.18 GreatCollections. A top pop (9/-) for the registry set. CC endeavors to make every Lincoln post 1929 a CAC stickered coin.

1883-O 02424408 Obverse MS65 CAC OGH.jpg

1883-O MS65 CAC OGH

Purchased 12.16.18 GreatCollections. Another Gem CAC OGH for my Morgan Collection.

1943-D 36112927 Obverse MS68 CAC.jpg

1943-D MS68

Purchased 11/18/18 GreatCollections. I now have two out of three 1943 steel cents in MS68 CAC. Replaces a MS67+ non CAC.

1946-S 36146494 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1946-S MS67+RD CAC

Purchased 11/4/18 GreatCollections. A none finer top pop coin (8/-). Replaces a MS67RD non CAC. No bump in ranking.

1915-S 11163631 Obverse MS65RD.jpg

1915-S MS65RD

Purchased 10/11/18 Heritage Auctions. This 340 registry point coin looks a lot better than this picture. Heritage has the absolute worse Lincoln photos. I’ve seen better cell phone photos of coins.

1930 35843437 Obverse MS67+RD.jpg

1930 MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections 9/30/18. Replaces a MS67RD CAC. Note how many coins have a Gold Shield now - a likely result of the recent PCGS quarterly specials. I sent in two dozen coins for new holders and pictures.

1938 84281387 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1938 MS67+RD CAC

Acquired Heritage Auctions 7/12/18. Replaces MS67 RD. Typical off color photo by HA. Fortunately a TrueView image was available.

1947-D 35445265 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1947-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections 7/1/2018. Replaces a MS67RD. An example of an undervalued coin based on the numbers. It went for a little over $2,000 even though CAC, only six in this grade and none finer. In the highly competitive Lincoln set registries these are the coins in demand.

1940-D 84100295 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1940-D MS67-RD CAC

Acquired Heritage Auctions 6/14/18. This fills a hole in the collection. No auction history on PCGS for 1940-D Lincolns in this grade and it’s the first I've seen available. Naturally it went for more than the published price guide. Happy to pay it, I don't think I could have been outbid.

1885 4701867 Obverse MS66 CAC OGH.jpg

1885 MS66 CAC OGH

Acquired GreatCollections May 20, 2018. Continuing my collection of Gem Morgan's in CAC | OGH

1937 35398842 Obverse MS67+FB CAC.jpg

1937 MS67+FB

Acquired GreatCollections May 13, 2018. I try to pick up nice CAC FB Mercury dimes when I can but don't have a registry set going yet.

Acquired David Lawrence April 8, 2018 (Reverse view for those not familiar with intricate design on these Texas coins). This is a 1936-D MS66 CAC.

Acquired David Lawrence April 8, 2018 (Reverse view for those not familiar with intricate design on these Texas coins). This is a 1936-D MS66 CAC.

1943-S 7916241 Obverse MS68 CAC.jpg

1943-S MS68 CAC

Acquired GreatCollections April 1, 2018. Who doesn’t love these “steel” cents?

1935-D Texas 34420393 Obverse MS66 CAC.jpg

1935-D MS66 CAC

Acquired David Lawrence April 8, 2018. I am building a set of MS66 CAC's in these coins. Yes, I do buy coins besides Lincolns!

1942-D 25659717 Obverse MS67+RD CAC.jpg

1942-D MS67+RD CAC

Acquired GreatCollections April 1, 2018

ESM Collection (by far the most spent by CC in a single auction)

1912-S 3673798 Obverse MS65RD.jpg

1912-S MS65RD

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

1916-D 26616983 Obverse MS65RD CAC.jpg

1916-D MS65RD CAC

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

1917-D 1227949 Obverse MS64RD CAC OGH-1.jpg

1917-D MS65RD CAC OGH-1st Gen

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

1925-S 4162759 Obverse MS65RD OGH.jpg

1925-S MS65RD OGH

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

1919-S 22121241 Obverse MS64RD CAC.jpg

1919-S MS64RD CAC

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

1927-S 6461180 Obverse MS64RD OGH.jpg

1927-S MS64RD OGH

From the ESM Collection Sale - Stack's Bowers Baltimore March 22, 2018

Custom Coin Cabinet

When I started collecting again I looked for a nice cabinet to house my collection. Nobody produces quality collector cabinets anymore. Some nice antique ones do come on the market, especially in England, but the logistics of getting something like that from another state or country to my home office are daunting and expensive. I decided to design my own and went to a local furniture maker to have it built.

Below is the result (forgive my poor phone photography). I supplied the solid brass knobs and vegetable dyed organic wool felt for the drawer liners (to avoid storing my coins in a chemical cloud). I chose traditional mahogany but oak or another wood would do. I also added a secret drawer. The larger drawers are for proof sets and PCGS twenty coin trays. The flat drawers hold 9 PCGS slabs across stacked two high and five deep (90 slabs total). The drawer liners are mounted on their own thin board covered in felt. This facilitates removing the liner for cleaning or replacement and avoids slathering the mahogany drawers with glue. The drawers also have a nifty self-closing mechanism so that when they are nearly shut they suck themselves closed. All the drawers are fully adjustable for depth, tilt and height.

Coin Cabinet1.jpg

58” tall x 27.5” wide x 21” deep

A bust of Napoleon stands guard.

Coin Cabinet2.jpg

One of the flat drawers pulled out

Silver PF70DCAM National Park State Quarters.

Coin Cabinet3.jpg

Secret drawer exposed

More of a cool factor than a serious theft deterrent although nobody who has examined the cabinet has been able to find the drawer. More valuable coins are stored in a bank safety deposit box.

If anyone wants the design drawings send an email and I will be happy to provide along with some tips and notes on construction.