The Trend is Your Friend

The “trend is your friend” is an old stock market truism. The current trend is down as prices on most series continue a slow descent - down about 10% from two years ago. I track coins I’ve purchased in the last two years and prices are down for many although there are a few bright spots including top pop CAC coins but even they are not immune. The best predictor of where values will be next month is the trend over the preceding months.

The Christopher Collection is still buying but not aggressively. If the trend continues the best strategy will likely be not attempting to time the market but steadily purchasing the absolute best quality coins. Even in CAC certified coins there are wide differences in eye appeal. Observe the coin below.


1935-D MS67+RD CAC

This is what the CC calls a “no beard, no chest” Lincoln.

This Lincoln has few discernible beard details and the chest fades noticeably the closer you get to the date. This is not uncommon even in high grade Lincolns but you need not settle for this as nicer coins are available. Not a coin I would buy despite the high grade and CAC sticker. Since coin prices will likely be lower in coming months patience and our good friend the trend will guide me to a 1935-D I really desire.