1943-S MS68 CAC

It’s Raining 1943-S MS68 CAC's!

Recently there has been three 1943-S MS68 CAC Lincolns for sale in the weekly GreatCollections auction. Prices have ranged from $3800 to $5400 with the price rising with each subsequent coin at auction. CAC has stickered 23 of these (versus only five for the 1943) so I guess not a statistical impossibility but GreatCollections has only offered four in its entire history. When that many "identical" coins sell for such widely different prices in a short time frame it shows that collectors are willing to stretch for a coin they find a real beauty - CAC sticker or not. This is a fascinating insight into how the coin market works. The Christopher Collection can't emphasize this enough - the way to maintain your collections value and enhance the collecting experience is by buying coins you love.

UPDATE: OMG as the kids say. GreatCollections just posted another one! Did someone horde these? Are they coming from the same seller?


The $5400 coin. You could use this as a mirror to shave with.


The $3800 coin - a solid example but not nearly as flashy.